M. Block and Sons, Inc. Services - Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

M. Block operates out of six state-of-the-art distribution centers totaling 2.8 million square feet of space. All warehouses are automated; food compliant, radio frequency (RF) controlled and connected by centralized IT and WMS systems, which provides uniformity throughout our infrastructure. Product is stored in the most efficient manner possible, as dictated by the volume and picking methods required for the manufacturer and retailers they serve.
Distribution and Fulfillment
Our flexible warehouse management systems (WMS) along with radio frequency (RF) scanning allows us to process the movement of product throughout our distribution centers in the most accurate and efficient manner possible. Order processing is customized by the needs of the manufacturer and the retailers they serve. Retail shipments can be managed and coordinated across multiple distribution centers.
  • Receiving - Our WMS data collection and RF scanning controls item, quantity, and case pack accuracy on all purchase order receipts and manages directed put-away and lot controls.
  • Automated Replenishment - Forward picking locations are replenished automatically based on set min / max inventory levels.
  • Order Processing - Our flexible warehouse management system (WMS) allows orders to be processed individually, in groups (waves) or truck loads by account. RF scanning captures all data on the items picked, "building" them into a shipment. Picking is managed at the each, inner, case or pallet level.
  • Labeling - Customer compliant labeling is performed on all each, carton and pallet shipments including UCC 128 labeling.
  • Transportation - Retail routing and outbound transportation is managed and compliant by account.
  • Parcel Shipping - Automated UPS, FedEx and USPS repacking and order processing systems handle retail and ecommerce parcel shipments.
  • Inventory Management - Radio frequency (RF) scanning together with our customized warehouse management system (WMS) for receiving, order processing, lot controls and cycle counts, insure inventory accuracy of 99.5%.
  • Loss Prevention / Disaster Preparedness - Best practices in loss prevention and disaster preparedness insure the safety of your product and security from business disruptions.
Kitting and project services
Block offers a variety kitting, banding, labeling, re-cartoning and other light assembly services.
Reverse Distribution
Product returns or defectives as agreed to by the manufacturer are handled with the same controls as outbound distribution.