M. Block and Sons, Inc. Services - Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Program Structure and Design
In a collaborative manner, M. Block's purchasing and sales team work together with the manufacturer to design a distribution supply chain program that meets desired objectives and goals. M. Block's multi-channel coverage offers the manufacturer supply chain solutions for all of their distribution requirements.
Sales and Marketing
Our experienced in-house sales team covers all major retail accounts including: mass market, department stores, specialty stores, grocery / drug, clubs and ecommerce. M. Block initiates sales calls and together with the manufacturer helps plan promotions, advertising and marketing efforts. We facilitate and maintain the communications and flow of data between the retailer, manufacturer, and our organization.
Sales to smaller independent accounts are managed in our Block House division using a combination of independent sales reps, telemarketing, email and direct mail marketing efforts, as well as through our custom designed wholesale web sites.
Category management
Using our retail and consumer market expertise, our sales and purchasing team help guide the manufacturer on product development, placement, pricing, advertising and packaging, as well as help them understand and navigate the organizational and operational structure of the retailer.
Trade shows
M. Block participates in various trade shows including the Housewares Show, Gourmet Show and many gift shows and maintains a permanent showroom in the Atlanta Merchandise Mart.
Web sites
Block provides manufacturers with customized web sites to generate sales and build product awareness. Each "wholesale only" site is password protected and operates exclusively and uniquely for the manufacturer it serves.