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Customer Service

Customer Service Relations
Our professional customer service team interacts with all retail accounts to provide and process information in response to a myriad of inquiries including product offerings, available inventory levels, order status, and pricing. Each member of the customer service team has specific account, program, or channel responsibility and is trained to service their base professionally while maintaining rigorous compliance and time constraints.
Retail Order Management
Processing retail sales orders whether received via EDI, manually or through a web portal, can be an overwhelming process if the proper personnel and systems are not in place. Managing customer's dates, inventory needs, pricing, purchasing / sales terms, credit lines, transportation/logistics, commissions, and pricing loads and accruals, require sophisticated systems and professional personnel to manage them. M. Block's order management specialists are trained to understand the requirements of the manufacturer and retailers they serve, with the mutually committed goal of acting as proactive liaisons between M. Block, the manufacturer and the retailer.
Our custom-designed ERP system allows us to efficiently manage the order process and provides edit controls to insure accuracy and avoid costly compliance fees.

  • Sophisticated address book functionality
  • Commission preferences
  • Advanced pricing logic
  • Edit controls
  • Allocation functionality