M. Block and Sons, Inc. Services - Consultancy


If you're new to the U.S. market, have a new product or concept, or have limited retail experience, M. Block can help you navigate all aspects of the retail supply chain - from factory floor to retail shelf. With over 100 years of service in the distribution supply chain, we have an understanding of the marketplace and the unique complexities of each retailer. We have the knowledge and expertise to help guide the manufacturer in bringing their products to market.

  • Retail marketplace
    • Retailers by channel
    • Retailer profiles and structure
    • Retail relationships and contacts
  • Category management
    • Product competition
    • Pricing
    • Marketing strategy
    • Packaging
  • Retail requirements by account
    • Margins, terms, credit
    • Freight structure
    • Supply chain fees and allowances
    • Advertising / demonstrations
    • Merchandising
  • Supply chain requirements by account
    • Distribution requirements
    • Compliance requirements
    • IT, EDI, ASN requirements