M. Block and Sons, Inc. Distribution Models

Retail Access Program (RAP)

The Retail Access Program provides foreign OEM manufacturers of consumer products an established "one source" sales and distribution platform to access the U.S. retail marketplace on a direct manner. Managed in partnership, M. Block provides a turnkey solution for foreign manufacturer interested in building a U.S. business. This comprehensive supply chain model addresses the challenges facing many foreign OEM manufacturers today; the need for better control over their destiny. The Retail Access Program helps provide manufacturers with more stable sales, better margins, a corporate and brand awareness, and ultimately more control and equity in their company.

As a partner of M. Block, the foreign manufacturer will be participating fully in the strategy, cost analysis, risks and increased profits unavailable to manufacturers operating as OEMs. M. Block will identify the current U.S. market for the manufacturer's product (competition, sales channels, pricing, packaging, strengths, weaknesses, etc) and then jointly design and execute a strategy to bring its product to market.


  • Managed in partnership with the OEM manufacturer
  • Comprehensive turnkey solution to access the U.S. marketplace
  • Collaborative sales and marketing
  • Exclusive U.S. distribution - all channels
  • Retail and Direct to Consumer shipping
  • Consigned inventory
  • Fixed costs