M. Block and Sons, Inc. Distribution Models

Partnered Distribution

Partnered Distribution is a "one source" solution for manufacturers who choose to outsource all or a substantial portion of their distribution supply chain. Partnered Distribution is made possible by M. Block's unique ability to offer both traditional warehouse and distribution services together with a fully integrated suite of retail sales and support services. All facets of the distribution supply chain are managed in a partnership between the manufacturer and M. Block - where interests are aligned, efforts are collaborative and goals are common. Mutual success is best achieved when M. Block operates as a seamless extension of the manufacturer.

Partnered Distribution is an extremely efficient and cost effective model for manufacturers who:

  • Don't have any retail supply chain infrastructure
  • Don't have the necessary capital or resources
  • Choose to operate a thin business model
  • Recognize that the complexities of retail distribution are outside their core competencies
  • Face retailers with costly unique business requirements
  • Choose to manage a direct import business, and outsource their U.S. supply chain


  • Managed in partnership with the manufacturer
  • Exclusive distribution to all or a substantial portion of account base
  • Collaborative sales and marketing
  • Consigned inventory
  • Retail and Direct to Consumer shipping
  • Modular based services and quotations
  • Fixed costs