M. Block and Sons, Inc. Distribution Models

For more than 100 years, M. Block and Sons has been managing consumer products through the complexities of sales, warehousing, distribution, inventory control, order management and finance in traditional commercial channels. From peak volume and rush shipments during the holidays to the routine ebb and flow of demand, we manage the distribution supply chain with unrivaled accuracy and dependability.

Our unique approach combines the traditional warehouse and distribution services of a Third Party Logistics provider (3PL) with the fully integrated suite of retail sales and support services, necessary for the manufacturer to move product from factory to retail to receivable. Unlike most conventional 3PL providers who distribute anything to anyone, Block only ships consumer products into retail and e-commerce channels, allowing for shared overheads and economies of scale for our vendor partners. This "one source" approach gives manufacturers a more efficient and cost effective supply chain solution, resulting in savings throughout.

State-of-the-art warehousing and distribution combined with in-house sales, marketing, customer service, order management and finance - all wrapped around an integrated IT infrastructure - makes M. Block unique in the distribution supply chain industry.

M. Block provides six basic distribution models to manage the supply chain; each flexible and configurable on their own. In a collaborative manner, M. Block's purchasing and sales team work together with the manufacturer to develop the distribution supply chain model that best meets their desired objectives. M. Block's multi-channel coverage provides the manufacturer with supply chain solutions for all of their distribution requirements.

All distribution models include the following menu of services:

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