M. Block and Sons, Inc. Distribution Models

Fulfillment Distribution

Our Fulfillment Distribution model was created in 1985 under the name Block House to accommodate those manufacturers challenged with handling the smaller independent account base. Outsourcing this segment of distribution allows the manufacturer to streamline operations, enjoy efficiencies and reduce costs, without losing a valuable customer base. Where Traditional Wholesale Distribution looks first to the needs of the retailer, Fulfillment Distribution focuses on the needs of the manufacturer. The manufacturer works collaboratively with Block House to establish the fulfillment distribution program, account base, and sales objectives. Over the past twenty-five years we have developed extensive experience and expertise working with independent accounts on behalf of the manufacturer.


  • Manages the needs of the manufacturer
  • Exclusive distribution to designated independent account base
  • Collaborative program terms, assortment and pricing
  • Less than master case shipping
  • Customer service intensive
  • Owned or Consigned inventory
  • Sales through independent reps, telemarketing, trade shows, wholesale web sites
  • Retail and Direct to Consumer shipping