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Why Outsource to M. Block

With hundreds of companies to choose from, why outsource your distribution to M. Block?

M. Block has the most comprehensive distribution supply chain platform in the industry; with over 100 years of experience, six automated RF distribution centers totaling 2.8 million square feet, unified end-to-end information technology, strong financials, broadly established retail relationships, market expertise, and a team of professionals committed to excellence.

In combining the traditional warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services of a 3PL supplier with a fully integrated suite of retail support services, M. Block offers a unique "one source" approach to your supply chain needs. Our size and reach bring savings and benefits that help our clients establish and grow relationships, enhance sales and reduce costs.

Distribution and Fulfillment Services

  • Warehousing - Operating out of six state-of-the-art distribution centers covering 2.8 million square feet of space, all warehouses are automated, food compliant and radio frequency (RF) controlled.
  • Distribution and Fulfillment - Our highly configured yet flexible warehouse management (WMS) and RF systems allows us to process the pick, pack, label, and ship in the most efficient and accurate manner possible. Retail shipments can be coordinated across multiple distribution center (DC) locations.
  • Freight and Logistics Management - Our transportation department manages the freight and logistics on thousands of inbound and outbound shipments per year. Whether the international shipment of FCL or LCL, domestic FTL or LTL, or parcel deliveries direct-to-consumer, we manage all the complexities of freight forwarding. Our systems provide load optimization and real time tracking. We monitor and manage compliance for all manufactures and retailers we serve.
  • Inventory Control - Radio Frequency (RF) scanning together with our sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) for receiving, order processing, lot controls and cycle counting, insure inventory accuracy of 99.5%.
  • Kitting and project services - Whether planned or otherwise, M. Block offers a variety kitting, banding, labeling, recartoning and other light assembly services.
Integrated Retail Support Services
  • Sales and marketing - Our experienced in-house sales staff covers all major retail accounts including: mass market, department stores, specialty stores, grocery / drug, clubs and ecommerce. Working with the manufacturer we initiate sales and plan promotions, advertising and marketing events. Independents accounts are managed thru sales reps, telemarketing and our in-house custom designed wholesale web sites.
  • Category management - Our retail and consumer market expertise help guide manufacturers on product development, placement, pricing, advertising, competition and the organizational and operational structure of the retailers we serve.
  • Forecasting and planning - Together with the manufacturer and retailer, our sales staff and procurement team help mange the demand forecasts by item, adjusted monthly according to POS data. This allows the manufacturer to better plan production, reduce lead times and improve turnover.
  • Procurement and inventory control - Our seasoned procurement team works with the manufacturer to coordinate an inventory strategy based on production schedules and lead times. They coordinate the purchasing and logistics on all inbound shipments insuring proper inventory levels and on-time deliveries. They act as a liaison, communicating between the sales representatives, retailer, manufacturer.
  • Integrated end-to-end IT support - At the heart our company is a highly configured, yet flexible IT and WMS system that offers a comprehensive, unified platform that is unique to the industry. By creating an integrated IT infrastructure between both traditional Distribution Services and Retail Support Services, Block provides a more cohesive infrastructure, enhancing communication and efficiencies throughout the supply chain.
  • Customer service relations - Our customer service team interacts with retail accounts to provide and process information in response to a myriad of inquiries including product offerings, as well as inventory levels, order status, and pricing. Each customer service member is assigned specific accounts or account channels and is trained on all areas relating to professionally servicing their account base.
  • Retail order management - Processing retail sales orders whether received via EDI or manually, can be an overwhelming process if the proper personnel and systems are not in place. Managing customer's dates, inventory needs, pricing, purchasing / sales terms, credit lines, transportation/logistics, commissions, and advertising and accruals, requires sophisticated systems and professional personnel. M. Block's order management specialists are trained by the manufacturers and by the retailers with the committed goal of acting as proactive liaisons between the manufacturer and the retailer. Our custom-designed ERP system allows us to efficiently manage the order process and providesedit controls to insure accuracy and avoid costly compliance fees.
  • Compliance management - Compliance charges can be a manufacturer's most unexpected and unpleasant expense. They can turn a seemly profitably business, unprofitable overnight and turn good relationships bad in the process. M. Block provides comprehensive and proactive retail compliance management at all points along the supply chain including: EDI mapping, order management, warehouse order processing, labeling requirements, transportation, ASN's and invoicing. Our extensive retail customer base ensures that you'll be compliant on day one.
  • Finance, receivables, and risk management - One way M. Block adds value for the manufacturer is by managing the finance on the sale of their product to retail. Establishing credit, managing accounts receivables, handling credit card transactions and reversing chargeback's are all services performed by M. Block that help preserve capital and human resources for the manufacturer. In managing accounts receivables, we provide protection for the manufacturer against bankruptcies and bad debt expense.
  • Web based visibility and reporting - M. Block provides manufacturers with 24/7 real time web based visibility on inventory levels, order tracking and sales. We offer a full suite of customized reports allowing you to see and manage business the way you want.
Savings, Benefits and Intangibles
  • Size Matters
    • Six DC's totaling 2.8 million square feet
    • 8,000 inbound shipments
    • 700,000 orders processed
    • 20 million cartons picked
    • 30,000 retail doors shipped
    • 200,000 e-commerce parcels delivered
    • 24,000 outbound trucks dispatched

    M. Block's annual volume helps drive down costs at all points along the supply chain so we can be more competitive for you.

  • Aggregated Cost Efficiencies - By spreading the costs of warehousing and distribution, sales and marketing, technology, finance, customer service and transportation over multiple manufacturers, expenses are shared by all creating efficiencies and savings for each individual manufacturer.
  • Fixed Costs - Fixed margin quotations keep operating costs on budget, allowing you to manage your business without unforeseen supply chain expenses. There are no hidden fees, monthly inventory charges or complex calculations.
  • Speed to Market - Our extensive customer base, strong relationships and unique "one source" approach gives manufacturers an edge in the race to market their products. Our "retail ready" infrastructure reduces inventory speculation, shortens lead times, and expedites product to retail shelves.
  • Scalability - M. Block allows the manufacturer manage growth, business cycles or seasonal distribution without being locked into a fixed infrastructure or overheads. Our size allows you to flex as need be, in a pay-as-you-go manner - while continuing to provide distribution excellence along the way.
  • Flexibility - M. Block offers various distribution models, each which can be further tailored to meet your specific needs. Not believing in "one size fits all", we bring flexibility and problem solving skills to the most challenging supply chain situations.
  • Compliance - Managing retail compliance at all points along the supply chain is complex and costly. M. Block is compliant with all retailers in EDI, purchase order management, distribution order processing, labeling, transportation, ASN, and invoicing.
  • Unique Business Requirements - Many retailers have unique requirements that can often compromise the operational efficiencies of a manufacturer's distribution supply chain. Whether minimum order sizes, special packing, complex logistics or difficult retail compliance, M. Block manages these unique business requirements for the manufacturer, allowing them to keep resources focused on their primary distribution channels.
  • Experience - As a company with over 100 years of history, M. Block has the experience and expertise that makes it the leader in the distribution supply chain. We are financially strong and enjoy one of the finest reputations in the industry.
  • Retail relationships - Through a century of the sales and distribution of consumer products, M. Block has developed strong relationships across all retail channels. These relationships help open doors for the manufacturer and guide them in their sales strategies. Our "retail ready" infrastructure insures speed to market, guaranteeing that the all facets of the distribution supply chain are ready to go when that first order is placed.
  • Consultancy - With over 100 years in the industry, M. Block has invaluable knowledge, experience and expertise on all aspects of the distribution supply chain. Having an understanding of the marketplace and the unique complexities of each retailer, helps M. Block guide the manufacturer in bringing their product to market.
  • People - Any organization is only as good the people behind it. At M. Block our people have the experience, passion and commitment to excellence that make us the best-in-class supply chain distributor that we are today. This achievement would not be possible without the dedication and strong work ethic of our employees.