M. Block and Sons, Inc. Our Company

Philosophy and Values

From the beginning, we've understood that every customer has very defined, individual needs.

M. Block will operate under the guiding principle of clarity. In an industry where clients are seeking it and consumers are demanding it, we will bring clarity both to the process and to the results. We will express this value through openness and transparency in all aspects of our working relationships with manufacturers and the customers we serve together.

We pledge to act with integrity at all times, especially when facing difficulties or challenges. "Integrity" refers to our compliance with the highest ethical standards, our fairness and honesty in conducting every activity, and our perseverance in pursuing the ideal forms for our operations and management. Through the demonstration of these qualities, we show our commitment to building trust and confidence in our employees and the clients we serve. These empower our progress in our mission to serve with excellence as a value added partner in the supply chain between the manufacturer and the retailer.